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The Faeborn are a relatively new phenomenon in Vheld. They resemble the fictional creatures of myth and fairy tale: elves, sprites, ogres, goblins, etc. There is much debate about their exact nature and origins.
Faeborn first appeared forty years ago, and it is believed their appearance is related to the Elementalist phenomenon and the Cataclysm. The exact origins of the Faeborn are unknown, as well as the method by which a child transforms in to one.
Faeborn typically take on their inhuman aspects between the ages of one and five. There is much debate as to the exact nature of this transformation. Some scholars believe that Faeborn are not the same child at all, but a “changeling” or “simulacrum” left behind by other Faeborn, who steal the actual child in the night. This is a notion that has gained incredible popular support, despite the lack of physical evidence. Some scientists and doctors believe the Faeborn to be caused by a disease, one that is perhaps communicable by contact with them. Others theorize that the Faeborn are the result of a metamorphosis, perhaps related to global ethereal fluctuations caused by the aftermath of the Cataclysm.
The Faeborn are not well trusted or liked in the Great Republic. Unlike Elementalists, there have been no laws as of yet calling for the arrest or deportation of Faeblooded, but as a people they are subject to increased scrutiny, prejudice, and violence. Typical slang terms for the creatures include “Creeps”, “Spooks”, “Boggins”, “Thwicks”, “Baby Snatchers”, and “Cradlethieves”.
In many cities across the Great Republic, Faeborn ghettos have arisen in poorer sections. Once the Faeborn congregate in an area, others tend to move out very quickly. These ghettos, or “Rookeries” are havens of violence, crime, and illicit acts of all natures. Character Creation
Powerful Attribute: All Faeborn begin with one Attribute at d8 instead of d4. This Attribute can be raised to d12+2.
Weakness (Iron): All Faeborn are weak against iron. Fortunately for them, this weakness does not also apply to iron alloys such as steel. Unfortunately, traditional iron weapons designed specifically to harm the Faeblooded have become increasingly common.
Faeborn take an additional 1d6 damage from iron weapons.  Additionally, such wounds are harder to soak: suffering a -2 penalty to the Soak roll.  Faeborn can not cross a barrier made of pure iron, even if it’s just an iron bar lying on the floor crossing a doorway.
Unique: In addition to these common features, all Faeborn must choose two benefits from the Fae Boons list, as well as two weaknesses from the Fae Banes list, below:

Fae Boons
  • Aquatic: cannot drown in water, aquatic pace equal to your Swimming die type, begin with d6 Swimming.
  • Beast Master: animal affinity and a beast companion, per the Edge.
  • Claws: Strength +d4 claws
  • Fae Beauty: +2 Charisma
  • Fleet Footed: base Pace of 8, running die of d10, per the Edge.
  • Immunity: to heat or cold, per the Monstrous Ability
  • Large: +1 Size
  • Low Light Vision: ignore dark light penalties, per the Monstrous Ability
  • Maw: Strength +d6 damage bite
  • Magical Apptitude: begins with 5 bonus Mana
  • Shape Change: may choose one small animal. Can change once per hour per the spell.  Spirit roll to activate.
  • Sneaky: +2 to all Stealth rolls, does not leave footprints.
  • Tinker: may use Repair to build or fix items in 1/2 the time if working after midnight, 1/4 on a raise.
  • Tough: +1 Toughness
  • Woodsman: +2 to Stealth, Survival, and Tracking in the wilderness, per the Edge.

Fae Banes
  • Dehydration: the character must immerse herself in water one hour out of every 24. If they do not, they suffer one Fatigue level each day until Incapacitated, the next day they will perish.
  • Folk Weakness: the character has a traditional Fae weakness or peculiarity. Examples include being repelled by certain herbs, being unable to refuse an offering of food or drink, being unable to cast magic without a certain item, or being Oathbound to anyone who takes possession of a certain item.
  • Frail: -1 Toughness.
  • Oathbound: if the character gives his word he is bound to it, and suffers 1 Fatigue level every day he goes back on an oath until he becomes Incapacitated or makes things right.
  • Shadowed: suffers a -1 penalty to all rolls in daylight.
  • Small: –1 Size, per the Hindrance.
  • Slow: Pace 4, running die of d4.
  • Ugly: -2 Charisma, per the Hindrance.
  • Weak Attribute: one Attribute (not the character’s Powerful Attribute) costs double to raise during character creation, and requires two level ups to raise with experience.
  • Weakness: choose one additional substance or damage type, the character suffers the same effects as he does to Iron.  Example weaknesses include fire, cold, silver, gold, wood.
Banes and Boons stack with Edges and Hindrances, meaning you can make an elven princess with both Fae Beauty and Attractive, or a diminutive goblin with both Small and the Small Hindrance.

Mecanotopía ( CLOCKWORKS) de Shawn Gaston

Character Creation

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Clockworks Character Creation. 006 Blog Reference.   007 Blog Reference
First up, here's a character sheet. Now, let’s get started.
Before you begin, take a moment to think about what sort of character you’d like to play.  Here are a few ideas of characters who could be running around Clorencia City:
  • Bruiser
  • Conspiracy Theorist
  • Detective
  • Etheric Engineer
  • Former Soldier
  • Gun Moll
  • Immigrant Worker
  • Secretive Mage
  • Scholar
  • Slumming or Disgraced Upper City Dweller
  • Urban Monster Hunter Vigilante



    Step 1: Race

    Player characters in Clockworks can be either Human or Faeblooded.

    Step 2: Attributes & Skills

    All characters begin with a base of d4 in every Attribute, and 5 points to assign to raising them.
    Characters begin with 15 points of skills.
    Pace, Parry, Toughness and Charisma are all calculated normally. Grit begins at 0 unless modified by Edges orHindrances, and increases by 1 every Rank.

    Step 3:Hindrances & Edges

    Characters may begin with up to one Major Hindrance and two Minor Hindrances.
    Remember: All human characters start with one free Edge.
    (Lots of new Edges and Hindrances coming in Character Creation part 3 or so.)

    Special Rule: Big Damn HeroesEdit Special Rule: Big Damn Heroes sectionEdit

    In addition to their normal Hindrances, characters may choose one additional Hindrance from the following list: Heroic, Loyal, Code of Honor, or Vow.
    This Hindrance does not grant bonus points as usual.  Instead, a character who choose one of these in addition to their normal Hindrances gain any one non Legendary Edge, regardless of any rank or skill prerequisites.  You may not choose the Improved version of an edge using the Big Damn Hero rule.

    Special Rule: Clockwork punk/Etheric enhancementsEdit Special Rule: Clockwork punk/Etheric enhancements sectionEdit

    If you want to add a mechanical arm or some unique power to your character, you must take Arcane Background (Weird Science) edge and then either use the powers listed in the Savage Worlds book, in the Rippers book, in the Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion, or in Necessary Evil. You will receive a single power that uses the Clockwork or Etheric trapping. This may be a device that you carry or as a replacement limb or organ on your body. These devices may or may not require power points to use, but some may require activation. You will have to take the Weird Science arcane skill to activate a Clockwork or Etheric device.

    Step 4: Gear

    Characters begin with 500Marks which can be spent on whatever you wish.
    (Note: until we get to the Official Clockworks Gear List section of things, feel free to just use the Rippers equipment chapter, leaving out Ripper Claws, and converting 1£ to 100 ℳ.  Alternately, use Deadlands Reloaded and double all of the prices listed there.  Note that Deadlands will still net you some significantly cheaper guns than Rippers.  Or use Runepunk’s equipment list, or maybe even Sundered Skies.  The choice is yours!)

    Step 5: Finishing Touches

    Take some time to round out your character.  Think about his history and personality.  How does he feel about magic, the Faeblooded, the government, technology, the other nations of Vheld?

    Editors Note: Unfinished Page, still gaining details. -JB